Worldwide fuel maintenance and oil recovery services at industrial level


Our FXT-S1-SCC and FXT-V1-SCC have been designed to support stable fuel recovery

Fuel SnapAnalyser

Fuel Snap tests for microbial contamination in almost all fuels

MaxiFilter Separator

Two-stage fuel treatment system

What we offer

FuelQCGroup provides a worldwide comprehensive fuel and oil management, maintenance and recovery service at industrial level. We offer a range of solutions serving a wide spectrum of industries including bulk storage, aviation, marine, military, power generation, rail, telecoms, water supplies, public health and financial services.

Additionally, our presence in Europe, Russia, Singapore and Asia Pack, enables us to deliver services and solutions to these countries with local knowledge and specialist resources.

Our process incorporates all the critical elements including inspection, staged filtration, treatment and immediate testing and certification to achieve consistent fuel quality; while our Research and Development efforts are focused on continuing to develop new solutions to streamline and improve our processes.

Our unique Fusion technology and test systems put the management of the key operational risk back into the hands of the customers to control

Recent News

Fuel QC Group invest time and money in recruiting the top people in our specialists sectors, bringing together over 100 years of experience

Fuel QC Group R&D division announce new generation of Fusion Tech fuel recovery machines to be built